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Chonta Haynes is more than a typical author. She uses biblical principles to show others how to have an abundant life employing God’s Word. Using her experiences from teaching biblical finance for over 14 years and the truth of the Word, she’s written a new book, Not Just Paper, principles for financial success.

Not Just Paper is biblically-based with a heavy use of scriptural and original language references. The value of the book is financial soundness, discipleship, and a journey to the heart of God.

Other students often buy multiple copies to give to family and friends after reading Not Just Paper. The university’s president has given an endorsement for this book and the pastor uses the paired workbook (Financial Wisdom for Financial Freedom) with his premarital counselees.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon or her website, ChontaHaynes.com, or H2HTruth.org and is also available as a package with the workbook mentioned. Dr. Haynes lectures at Grace & Truth Christian University every Monday night from 7pm to 10pm and teaches the Biblical Finances course annually in October. Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries was created to offer transformative Biblically-based truths. As president, Dr. Haynes has a heart for all to reach their maximum God-given potential. Sharing these books and insights with others provides salt and light.


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