Christmas – An Amazing Time of the Year

It is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. One of the ways we do that is by giving and receiving gifts, and as we do, it reminds us that Jesus is the greatest gift of all. Pure giving is one of the most beautiful things that we do, and I always encourage people to make every day Christmas as far as giving is concerned. Let’s live in the spirit of Christmas all year round!

If you just open up your eyes and look around, you can see that it’s true. There is nothing that lights a person up like Jesus. He puts so much joy in your soul! Without Jesus, we would have no love or compassion to share with others. But because He lives in us, we can shine the light of His love throughout the entire world.

That is the purpose God has for us. In other words, he has chosen us to shine his light in the world. It’s very encouraging to know God doesn’t expect us to be perfect before his love and light can shine through our lives. You could say that you and I are like cracked pots. We will always have weaknesses and imperfections, but we never have to hide them from God. The light of God actually intensifies in us as we allow him to work in us. There are so many ways to shine his light. It can be as simple as wearing a smile. As you go about your daily life, especially during this special season of celebration, I encourage you to let aside a portion of your time, energy, talents, and resources to share that light and serve others.

After all, this is what Christmas is really all about. Just as Jesus came to love and serve all of us by giving the greatest gift, his very life, we can give of ourselves because His life and light is in us. He is Emmanuel, God with us!


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