Remembering Mighty Mouse: A Tribute to Royal Pets and Lap of Love


Written by Samantha Yates

Mark and Kay Dunn loved Mighty Mouse from the minute they rescued him to beyond the day they invited Lap of Love into their home at fourteen years of age. This mixed lab was strong and muscular, and despite being small he always stood up to larger dogs. He got his name by the way he would leap and bound from furniture to furniture without ever touching the ground. He loved his canine brother, Underdog; they were always together. Mighty Mouse was a happy pup that loved traveling. One of their favorite memories is of camping in a pop-up on Flagler Beach where Mighty Mouse discovered he didn’t like the water. Mark and Kay fell most in love with him during all the care he required nearing the end of his life.

“He was like a little old man, yet a baby,” they said. He loved to be held.

“When he got to be an old man, you had to hold him, hand-feed him and help him drink.”

Mark would quench him from a baby bottle while he held him in his chair. He followed Kay everywhere. The thing she misses the most is not being tailed anymore.

“I miss him, but I do believe in doggy heaven,” she says. Through this experience, they learned more compassion and love and they want to share their veterinary experience to show that places as great as the following exist.

Royal Pets is a pet store in Northdale, but it is so much more, especially to this family. They also offer boarding, veterinary, and grooming services. When Mighty Mouse passed, they sent a card signed by everyone and every time Mighty Mouse came in, everyone remembered him and greeted him, starting at the front desk.

The best part of Royal Pets, to Kay, is that they ooze compassion and love for her pets. Underdog loves to go there, too.

Doctor Nobuki is highly praised by this family. He always recommended the best route, never over-medicated and never suggested it was the end for Mighty Mouse like other vets did. He treated these animals like his own and his main focus was on making Mighty Mouse comfortable.

Mark and Kay knew it was the end during a painful night for Mighty Mouse. At 3am his body was shaking and all they could do was hold him. They didn’t want to take him somewhere else to pass and Kay remembered seeing a Lap of Love sign. They called at 10am the same morning, and a vet with 30 years of experience was there by 1pm that same day.

They gave Mighty Mouse two shots, and he took it so easily he didn’t twitch even once. It was such a peaceful and quiet experience for this family. Mark and Kay were given a clay paw print to remember him by.


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