What a Beautiful Legacy!

Photo Caption: May 17, 1942-August 24, 2018, Abby’s Health & Nutrition

Abby Sayler never liked to be the center of attention even though she ran an incredibly successful enterprise in Carrollwood for 21 years. Her passion has always been sharing and teaching the miraculous creation of the human body and how we live and function largely as a result of nutrition and supplementation.

To say that she has helped and affected thousands of lives is an understatement. Our employees relate stories they’ve heard over the years that always amaze us and generally they are unsolicited coming from our regular customers.

Many of you have been wonderful to ask about her over the last few months and wanting to extend your well wishes for her recovery. True to who she was, Abby has always been a very private person and chose to spend her last days with her loved ones and wanted no fuss made over her condition. With her staff, customers, and community in mind, over the last five years we have worked together to ensure a seamless transition, with this eventuality in mind. She never wanted her legacy of health to end with her passing, so Abby’s will continue to be the leader in “Better Health Through Education.”

Four years ago, with her legacy in mind, she donated property in Lutz to be used as a community farm in perpetuity, where families can grow their own organic food and learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you for your kind sentiments for our wonderful Abby and thank you for your continued patronage of her legacy of health. She was an educator, a visionary, someone that always put others before herself. Throughout her career she helped many people overcome all kinds of health challenges and find hope. God introduced me to her in 1997 and for the last 21 years, I have had the privilege to work alongside her and learn from one of the most brilliant minds when it came to how the body works. She was my mentor, my friend, and my business partner and I thank God for her every day. Although she will not be with us here on Earth, she is no longer suffering and surrounded by love. Her vision and legacy will live on from generation to generation. I love you, Abby. You will be greatly missed. Thank you for your unselfish contribution to our community.

— Victor Karydis


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