A Business Model for Successful Retirement


Anne Childers, Freelance Writer

James H. Willis, III
Founder and President
The Willis Agency, Inc
1 Peter 5:7

Guaranteed Growth, Guaranteed Income

Retirement planner and local businessman James H. Willis, III, (Jim) lives and works a successful life by helping others achieve financial success based on Biblical principles. “My business is really God’s business,” he says. “I am accountable to Him and to you.”

Jim teaches his clients God’s Perfect Plan on investing and stewardship to ensure his clients are protected 100%, with guaranteed growth and income for life.

Armed with that mindset and his God-given skills, Jim has never lost money for any client in over 28 years in business. His savings and investment strategies have been called a “guaranteed pension replacement plan” by satisfied clients.

Visit the website at www.TheWillisAgency.com and read the recommendations from Jim’s many satisfied customers.

Then call 813-948-9109 and schedule a complimentary review of your own personal financial plans including income growth, 401K replacement strategies, Medicare and Social Security options. See Jim in his Land O’ Lakes office or in the privacy of your own home and learn about the tools, test, and testimonies a guaranteed income will bring into your life.


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