Have You Ever Thought About The Next Generation?

Millennials are old news. Here comes Gen Z! They were too young to remember 9/11. Their world has always been saturated with touch screens and social media. If you don’t feel old yet, just think about the fact that this year’s incoming college freshman was born in the year 2000! Before you know it, Gen Z will be graduating from college and getting jobs that will be shaping, leading, and innovating the future.

But, how has the world they’ve grown up in shaped who they are, what they value, and how they see God? Those are some of the questions we ask as we work with college students in Tampa. With Cru, our desire is to help this generation navigate the college experience and come out the other side ready to change the world in a positive way. Doing the whole “college experience” in the context of a growing relationship with God will develop in students important values of leadership, character, and faith (things desperately needed in our world).

What kind of people would you like to see take the positions of power and influence here in Tampa? In the next decade, who will be the public school teachers, lawmakers, and business executives in our state? And what can we do to invest in their lives now?

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