Free Little Pantry

You may have recently read, in the Lutz Gazette, about the Free Little Pantry at All Saints Lutheran Church. It was advertised as a gift to the community, a way in which we bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ by helping to reduce food insecurities in our community. As you might remember, this Free Little Pantry is in the parking lot of All Saints (5315 Van Dyke Rd.), and is accessible to anybody at any time.

After about six months of doing this ministry, we have discovered that there is much more food insecurity in our community than we imagined. Even with the generous donations that we receive, there are some weeks that we can’t keep up with the need. It hurts to know there are times that this Free Little Pantry is empty when somebody shows up in need. For this reason, we are requesting that you consider joining us in working to reduce food insecurity in our community. When you get the calling in your heart, I invite you to just stop in our parking lot and drop something off. Place it in the box, offer a prayer for the people who you are helping, and drive away with the faith that God will use your gift in ways that you can’t even imagine! I thank you for your support of our community.

Pastor Josh


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