Burpees for Breast Cancer Treatment

Samantha Taylor Fitness Trainers Did Burpees Per Dollar Raised

Tampa, Florida: October is synonymous with breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer fighters, survivors, their families, friends and the community at large don pink and donate to a multitude of breast cancer awareness organizations during the month. For every three Facebook check-ins Samantha Taylor Fitness members did in October, a woman was provided with access to a breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment thanks to a partnership with the Sweat Angels program. Trainers wanted to bring the efforts closer to home and challenged the members to donate a dollar in exchange for a burpee the last week of October, which would help pay for breast cancer treatment for women in Tampa Bay.

What is a burpee? A burpee is a full body exercise that starts in a standing position, requires you to drop down into a squat position with your hands on the ground while kicking your feet back into a plank position and getting back up. “Most members have a lovehate relationship with this exercise, so what better way to motivate for the cause then seeing your coach drop and do burpees, right?” quipped Samantha Taylor, CEO and Health & Fitness Expert.

In searching for a local organization, Samantha Taylor found Hooked on Hope (HookedOnHope.org), a local charitable organization that helps women in Tampa Bay with their treatment expenses and felt they were the ones to help make the greatest impact in the community. Jamie Stembridge Council, Co-Director of Hooked on Hope confirmed, “Hooked on Hope donates 100% of the funds to those uninsured and under insured going through breast cancer treatment.” Stembridge continued, “The Treatment Support Grants help breast cancer patients cover the costs of various doctor and hospital co-payments, prescriptions, living expenses and other treatment related expenses.”

Members at all four Samantha Taylor Fitness locations accepted the challenge whole-heartedly donating dollars under trainer names, specifically trainers who love to incorporate burpees during the 30-minute sessions. On October 31st, four trainers met at the Land O’ Lakes location to knock out 1,092 burpees on Facebook Live on the Samantha Taylor Page! One burpee for each dollar raised in the week, which was donated to Hooked on Hope on behalf of Samantha Taylor Fitness by Amy Singletary and Jessica Allen Warren on November 1st.

“Four trainers met at the studio and four completed their burpees off-site, but they all deserve immense recognition for taking the Burpees for Breast Cancer Treatment Challenge and I am proud of their accomplishment,” beamed Samantha Taylor. Trainers who
completed burpees for breast cancer treatment were: Andrea Barnes, Tatiana Faye, Kristy Myers Hess, Donna McCarthy, Amy Singletary, Sarah Skoniki, Zakeia Smith, and Jessica Allen Warren.

About Samantha Taylor Fitness: Founded in 2001 and limited to offering personal training, the company grew to include Fit Body Boot Camp in 2008 and became Samantha Taylor Fitness. Over 6,000 women have been trained and taught to adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercise, nutrition and a proven formula for success. Samantha Taylor Fitness is a locally-owned and woman-owned fitness center offering 30-minute workouts for women located in Land o’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, and Westchase, Florida. Samantha Taylor Fitness was awarded Wesley Chapel Small Business of the Year in 2015. For more information visit www.SamanthaTaylorFitness.com or call (813) 377-4887.


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