Royal Pets Market and Resort

By Karen McBride

When planning your trip this summer, it can be overwhelming to find a safe, comfortable place for your pet. Royal Pets Market and Resort (“the resort”) has three convenient locations, Carrollwood, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor.

While you are enjoying your getaway, you will find comfort in knowing your pet is enjoying their own little retreat. The resort offers clean, comfortable suites for your pet that include cozy beds with flat screen TV’s. For overnight guests, a concierge is on-site 24 hours per day. Rates start as low as $29 per day.

Air-conditioned dog parks feature bridges for the dogs to run across or to lounge on with their friends. Padded synthetic turf covers the floors and is easier on the dogs’ joints to reduce the chance of any soreness after playing. The dogs are supervised continuously by the friendly, knowledgeable staff to ensure the safety of all the guests.

Kay Dunn recently brought her pets—Mighty Mouse, a 12-year old lab/beagle mix, and Underdog, a 7-year old lab/bull dog mix—to the resort. Due to his advanced age, Mighty Mouse is required to take medication, has hearing loss, and his eyesight is not what it used to be. He has difficulty trying to find his food bowl and doesn’t eat well. Bri, one of the caring staff members, reassured Kay that he would be given his medication and would be monitored to ensure he was eating properly.

“The staff treats the animals as if they were their own pets,” Kay said.

The dogs shared a suite with a doggy door to their own private back yard. When Kay and her husband Mark returned from their trip to pick up their dogs, they were delighted to see that the dogs were relaxed and comfortable.

“They acted like they didn’t even miss us!” Kay said.

If you are interested in Doggie Day Camp, your pet can enjoy playing with other dogs in the grassed play yards. Camp is open from 9am – 5pm, but early drop off and pick up is available.
Late pickup is available for an additional fee.

Cat lovers, don’t fret! Your fur baby has not been overlooked. Cats can relax in their own private condo and play in a jungle-themed room. The cost is $15 per day and $10 for an additional cat in the same room.

For added peace of mind, pet owners can watch their pets over the web with a secured guest cam. For more information about additional services offered at the resort, including grooming and veterinary services, go to


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